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PYROBIO is a new process for the heat treatment and the energy valorisation by pyrogasification of the sludge coming from wastewater treatment plants.

What are the PYROBIO's assets?

  • Contrary to other sludge treatment devices, the PYROBIO process emits lower quantities of greenhouse gas. It is not responsible for olfactory nuisances.
  • The PYROBIO project intends to decrease by 20% the residual waste and by 10% the tar.
  • The innovative feature of the PYROBIO process relies on the energy valorisation of sludge. The energy generated by PYROBIO is entirely reused by the process. It reduces the need of external energy. Its functioning is fully ensured by the biogas from sludge treatment.

The LIFE+ project aims at testing the process in real-life situation by installing in site - the wastewater treatment plant of the city of Fismes, in the French region Champagne-Ardenne - a prototype of heat treatment and energy valorisation of the sludge coming from the urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants. This demonstrating project is co-financed by the European LIFE+ Program.

The PYROBIO process is easy to transfer and adapt to all kind of urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants in Europe. The demonstrating site (located in Fismes) will be open during all the duration of the project and after its end to spread the good results and practices to European and national authorities, water treatment agencies, organic waste treatment agencies and to industrials.

The European Programme LIFE+

The PYROBIO project is co-financed by the European Programme: LIFE+. LIFE+ co-finances environmental schemes in the European Union (EU) and in certain third countries (EU candidate counties, EFTA countries that are members of the European Environmental Agency), and the Western Balkan countries.

The financial framework for LIFE+ is 2 143 409 000 for the period from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2013.

Each year, the European Commission issues a call for proposals, taking into account the multi-annual strategic program set out in Annex II and any national priorities it is aware of. The European Commission decides which out of the submitted projects qualify for financial support under LIFE+ and regularly publishes the list of these projects.

More information: http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/agriculture/environment/l28021_en.htm

FINAXO Environnement
Fismes, France
Project coordinator: Pascal Colignon
+33 6 07 54 94 51

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